LED Lighting and LED Display Screen Manufacturer in China

Established in 2004, the Jiuzhou Optoelectronic Technology Company is a leading LED light and LED display screen manufacturer in China. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sichuan Jiuzhou Electrical Group, which is one of the top 100 state owned electronic companies in China. As an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company, we are proud to offer our high quality and eco-friendly LED light bulb, LED spotlight, LED panel light, LED downlight, LED street light, LED wall washer, and LED display screen products at economical prices to our global customers.

  • MR16 LED Spotlight
  • MR16 LED Spotlight It works under AC or DC 12V voltage.
    The color temperature of this product is 2700K or 4000K.
    The luminous flux of our MR16 LED spotlight is 170lm or 185lm.
    Lamp holder : GU5.3
  • PAR38 LED Spotlight
  • PAR38 LED Spotlight It works by adopting universal AC input standard and is an ideal product for home, hotel, office, exhibition hall and shopping mall application and more.
    The color temperature of our spotlight is 2700K or 4000K.
  • PAR30 LED Spotlight
  • PAR30 LED Spotlight Our PAR30 spotlight adopts high power LED as the light source.
    The luminous flux of our PAR30 LED spotlight is 550lm or 650lm.
    Configuration Size: 128.1mm ( H ) X 120.0mm
  • LED Light Bulb
  • LED Light Bulb As a China LED light bulb manufacturer and supplier, Jiuzhou provides a wide range of products including LED panel light, LED spotlight, LED baluster light, and LED street light, among others.
  • LED Candle Light Bulb
  • LED Candle Light BulbOur LED candle light bulb has excellent heat sink and optical performance.
    Light source: 1*3W(sharp)
    Luminous Flux: 105lm/120 lm
  • LED Downlight
  • LED Downlight Our LED downlight has luminous flux of 65±5lm/W or 70±5lm/W.
    Its flux maintains more than 70 percent before using 25,000 hours.
    Luminous Flux: 65±5 lm/W
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street Light Our LED street light adopts intelligent control system, thus it can realize self-checking and remote detection, which makes the maintenance and monitoring more conveniently from far away distance.
  • P6 LED Display Screen
  • P6 LED Display Screen The heat dissipation of our LED display screen has been better resolved by using aluminum covers for the SMD 1-IN-1 displays.
    Viewing Angle: H:120º V:110º
    Module Size: 192mm X 96mm

As a result of our diligent efforts, our LED light bulb, LED spotlight, and other LED display products are CE and RoHs approved, so customers can feel secure in purchasing them. Today, our Greeble brand LED lights are extensively used in road lighting, landscape lighting, indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting applications. Additionally, as a leading LED metro lighting solutions provider and the exclusive supplier of LED lighting for large airplanes made in China, we can offer complete solutions for specialized lighting applications in metros, aircrafts and ships. Jiuzhou is proud to be a member of the China Solid State Lighting Alliance, and we have also forged a relationship with the Semiconductor Association of China.

Prior to entering the LED light and LED display screen manufacturing industry, Jinzhou first devoted years to gaining a firm grasp of LED encapsulation. This gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors in the field and has enabled us to create many patented technologies, including a method of effectively dissipating the heat of LED street lights, for example. Through improving the LED chip, LED encapsulation technology, as well as the materials used in the lights' structure, we are able to offer quality LED spotlight, LED light bulb, and LED street light products which are safe, emit little heat, and are highly reliable.

We at Jiuzhou continually strive to improve upon our products while also bringing new LED light and LED display screen products to the market to fill ever-changing consumer demands. Advancements of our LED spotlight, LED light bulb and other LED light products are achieved through our cooperation with a variety of research institutes and universities, including The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, American Cree, and more. Our investments in the acquisition of high performance LED light production equipment, testing equipment, and a highly skilled staff enable us to ensure that the LED tube light, LED panel light, LED spotlight and other products that we provide our customers are the highest in quality and reliability.

Jiuzhou is located in Shenzhen city which offers us easy access to talented staff, a variety of convenient modes of transportation, and the most current industry information. This also provides substantial savings in shipping charges for us and our clients.

Our goal at Jiuzhou is to become a leading supplier internationally of LED lighting products and LED display screens. We look forward to working with even more global customers and welcome your comments and inquiries.